Marketing Your Book


Marketing can be challenging if you have no previous experience. Fortunately, we've helped thousands of people sell their books through proper marketing. We're here to give you a hand.



An Effective Approach to Marketing


As a self-publisher it is up to you to market your book; however, as a self-publishing service provider, it is up to us to help make the process of successfully marketing your self-published book as simple as possible. With this goal in mind, we implemented a 50 book minimum order for hardcover books (200 minimum for paperback) which allows authors the advantage of effectively test marketing their book to determine its sales potential. This removes the risk and financial burden of having to produce large quantities of books with each printing.





Expert Book Cover Design


It's often said that you can't judge a book by its cover. The fact is that the book cover will likely determine whether or not the book will be a success. This is why a cover design should be well planned and skillfully created with a proper use of color and images. At Art Bookbindery, our design professionals spend the necessary time and effort to create an outstanding cover design that will be noticed. We provide professional cover design at no additional cost to authors who order a minimum of 50 copies of their book in hardcover or 200 copies of their book in paperback.

Our system of producing only the highest quality books in short run and producing re-orders only when required is the common sense approach to self-publishing that has empowered many writers to self-publish.





Create a Marketing Plan


In marketing your book, it is important to create a marketing plan. A marketing plan addresses by what means your book will be sold as well as outlining the promotion to support the book’s sales. A good marketing plan does not have to be complex and is quite often very simple.


The three most common venues in which most self-published authors sell their books are through local book retailers, online booksellers, and independent booksellers throughout North America. Online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble can be powerful marketing tools that provide worldwide exposure for your book and should be given consideration in your marketing plan.


In order to raise awareness and support the sales of your book, you should promote your book using a variety of methods. Some of these methods involve creating a press release. A press release is simply a notice to the media that your book is now available for sale. The press release should introduce your book and ask the recipient to call you to schedule an interview or request a review copy. For information on how to prepare a press release and view a sample press release click here.   






Effectively Promoting Your Self Published Book




The internet has changed the way in which books are sold and has become one of the most effective ways to market a self published book. In order for our customers to take full advantage of this potential, we now provide a personalized web page (at no additional charge) to those who produce their book with our company. These personalized web pages contain information about the book and the author as well as a large image of the book cover. These pages contain keywords relevant to your book and are created to appear at the top of every major search engine's results. To view a sample web page, click here

Another online marketing tool is Amazon. Amazon is the largest online bookstore boasting millions of book sales annually. To properly list your book with Amazon, you must go through the Amazon Advantage page to register. To do this, click on the following Amazon link. 



At Book Signings

Call every bookstore and offer to do a book signing. Retailers love to have promotional events and book signings are an easy way for them to generate excitement in the store. Make it as easy and logical for the retailer as possible. Ask if your book signing can be promoted through their internal mailing list. For some of the smaller independent bookstores, you can even offer to produce the mailer for them if they will pay for the postage. Remember, their primary concern is to sell books, so make it clear that you will be promoting your appearance also. Work with them as a partner. 



On The Radio

Radio programming covers many topics, and chances are good that someone is interested in covering you. Finding that person may be difficult though. Mail or fax to as many stations as you can find. Collect information over the phone, or, if your topic is particularly well suited to talk-radio or a specific format, you may want to consider purchasing a mailing list of all the stations that cover that format. Public broadcasters can be a very effective way to reach your potential market. Your local library will have most of the information on mailing lists and radio stations.



In Newspapers

Newspapers are another good target. Again, it’s absolutely critical to send your press release to specific individuals rather than to “editor” or to no name at all. Don’t assume the book review editor will be the only person interested. Most newspapers have editors for almost every subject they cover (science, health, sports, lifestyle, travel, etc.) so find the right person. Always bear in mind that these are busy people who are much sought after. Although they may be interested in your work, timing is critical. Don’t be afraid to send a press release more than once.  



On Television

Television can be the most powerful friend a writer has. Never assume you're too small for a national program. Contact the major networks and find the producers for shows such as Oprah, A Current Affair, Today, Good Morning America, and CNN and send them a press release. You never know what’s out there, so it’s worth checking out everything. With all forms of media, it’s important to pursue both the local and national shows as well as both public and private broadcasters. Local media is always happy to put the spotlight on a hometown author. 



By Web Casting

Web casting is a fairly new and fast evolving technology. Basically, it’s radio broadcasting over the world wide web. In many cities, the radio dial can only hold a limited number of stations. But there’s virtually no limit on the web, so there are thousands of webcasts happening at any one time. There are two types of webcasts. Many large commercial stations simply simulcast their signal on the web, while others exist as Internet only stations. The Internet only stations range in programming from very narrow formats to very broad ones. There are a lot out there and more signing on every day, so chances are good that there is one suited to your genre. The beauty of Webcasting is that it’s possible to broadcast to a very small niche that may be geographically spread out. Seek out the webcasts that cater to your audience and make them aware of your book.   



In Magazines

Your book is, or should be directed to a target market. Is it a book on parenting? A murder mystery? A self-help title? No matter what your topic is, there’s probably a magazine that targets the same audience. Seek out any magazine that targets the same market as your book and contact the people there. Don’t send your press release until you find out which editor or editors review books or cover the subject that you’ve written about. If our press release doesn’t hit the right person’s desk, it’s practically guaranteed to be thrown away. Getting reviewed in a niche publication is well worth the effort because people who read that magazine are predisposed to buy your book. 






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