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"The images are enormously charged and send pulsating frequency through me.""I am diving right in. Masterful. Fun. Exciting. Helpful."

"I am impressed.... I have it on my dining room table.  Its like a tarot deck, when I open it, it's exactly what I need at that time.  Pretty awesome Melissa... thank you."

"I am enjoying working with the playbook and am learning alot about myself."

"As I play the process with the matrix, I not only get to know myself better--my history, my default ways of coping, my dreams--but I gently settle in to my deepest, calmest, and most grounded being. It is a "ka-CHING"!

"There is no end to this deepening. It just gets richer and richer. What good news. Thank you Melissa. This playbook makes it more difficult to be in the default, personality, and history driven position. And easier to be in the joy of deepest awareness. You have given all of us a wonderful process. Wahoo!!!"

"Wow...what a unique combination of working with high frequency spiritual energies, nature, and self inquiry.  Positively sensational."

"Charming, fun, playful.  A really interesting process and an alive engagement with the quantum.  Thanks."

About The Book

Alive within and around you is a playground of possibility known as the quantum field. According to quantum physics, everything we see manifests from the quantum field. Comprised of particles less than 1/1,000th of an inch in size, this field responds to your intention known as belief and choice. You literally create your reality. Your reality changes as you change yourself.

This remarkable playbook speaks to your quantum self, and is a powerful guide for personal growth and spiritual awakening. Matrix Magic Playbook includes:

  • 50 Quantum Matrices, each with a message and energetic intent.
  • Over 150 self-inquiry questions for you to explore.
  • Hundreds of word code combinations to use along with the questions.

Presented in a fun and unusual way, this playbook is an invaluable guide for anyone following a personal growth path towards enlightened living. Transform your limiting beliefs and energies into a new, exciting quantum you! Live your own new earth wisdom, and be truly who you are meant to be.

Melissa Pickett lays out a process in the Matrix Magic Playbook that will inspire and change your life. It's fun, it's simple, it's play. 


About The Author

Melissa Pickett is a spiritual counselor, energy therapist, artist and mystic. In 1991, she experienced the quantum field, which changed her self-perception and set her on fire to pursue the spiritual path.

She enjoyed a successful business career in finance, marketing and organizational development as she followed her heart into her true life path and purpose as a wisdom holder for new earth. Melissa lives and plays in Santa Fe, New Mexico.